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Easy reservation

Creating a tour plan with a smart phone and a map

Just select your destinations on the map.

Benibox’s chauffeur service is the best choice for your private trip abroad.

The time, pick-up place and destination are yours to choose.

Enjoy a private tour of your desired destinations!

Plan your trip the way you want it

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No fixed-schedule!

Use our chauffeur service to personalize your trips.

Plan the schedule and destinations the way you want them.

Private tours at reasonable prices. Benibox has it covered!

Priced on a per-car basis

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Save smart with friends!

Take advantage of our reasonably priced chauffeur service.

Share the cost with your friends and treat yourself to a luxurious trip.

Enjoy comfortable and relaxing private trips with Benibox!

Sightseeing Price

Please use the search box to find Sightseeing spots.

The price shown here is assuming that the trip starts and ends at the center of the city in less than 8 hours.
For the detailed estimate, please press the estimate online button below.

If the sightseeing spots is not in the list, you can find the spots from the map in the estimate page.

If you would like to multiple places, please add the destinations in the estimate page. The estimate price will be updated automatically.

Sightseeing Sedan Van
Amphawa Floating Market 2,850 3,050
Asiatique The Riverfront 2,100 2,300
Ayuttaya 2,850 3,050
Ayothaya floating market 2,850 3,050
Bang Pa-In Royal Palace 2,700 2,900
Bonanza Exotic Zoo 3,750 3,950
Chet Sao Noi Waterfall National Park 3,600 3,800
Cicada Market 4,050 4,250
Damnoen Saduak Floating Market 3,000 3,200
Dream World 2,400 2,600
Erawan Water Falls 4,200 4,400
Erawan National Park 3,900 4,100
Hua-hin Tique 4,050 4,250
Jatujak Night Market 2,100 2,300
Jomtien Beach 3,450 3,650
Khao Kheow Open Zoo 3,150 3,350
Khao San Road Night Market 2,100 2,300
Khao Yai National Park 3,750 3,950
Kanchanaburi Railway Station 3,450 3,650
Khwae River Bridge Resort 3,600 3,800
Muak Lek Waterfall 3,450 3,650
Pattaya 3,450 3,650
Ratchada Train Market 2,100 2,300
Sam Phan Nam Floating Market 4,050 4,250
Siam Park City 2,250 2,450
Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Park 4,050 4,250
Wat Pho 2,100 2,300
The Royal Pantheon 2,100 2,300

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Strict seat belt rule to apply from April

Stricter seat belt rules will be applied from April 2017.


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October 26 set for Royal cremation