Steps to use Benibox (Rental Car Booking)

Easy Steps to Use Benibox

Step 1:



Check the pirce first!

Please feel free to check the price first.

You can get your estimate by email or using online estimation.

Our online estimation works 24/7.

Online Estimation >

You can also ask us the price via email all the time.

Get Estimate by Email >

Step 2:

Confirmation and Driver info


Know the driver before you meet!

1)Confirmation Mail
The confirmation mail will be sent to you as soon as the booking is made. Please check the contents. If you need to edit it, you can edit it online or by sending email to Benibox.

Your car is secured at this point.

2)Driver Information Mail
The driver information mail including driver's name, photo, and cell phone number will be sent to you 3 business days prior to the reservation date.

The Mail contains emergency contact number to Benibox.

Step 3:



Receive your invoice online!

1)Meeting the driver
The driver will pick you up at the location where you have selected. You know the driver's face and the driver is wearing a Benibox neck strap, so it is easy to meet the driver.
In case, you can't find your driver, please call Benibox's emergency phone number.

Payment by Credit Card / Invoice:
You can just finish the ride at the final destination. You will receive online receipt within few minutes.
Payment by Cash:
Please pay the amount displayed on the driver's smartphone. The receipt is already sent to your email address.

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