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You can focus on your business by our buiness rental car!

Click below to check the price for major industrial estates.

Wherever you need to go

Business trip to a factory

Far away from the city?

Benibox's rental car/limousine service is the best choice for your business trip abroad.

Visiting clients a long way from the city?

Our registered drivers will take you wherever you need to go.

Easy arrangement

A person relaxing in backseat of a car while using a business rental car

Focus on your main concern – your business

Reduce the time it takes to arrange transportation and spend more time on the things that really matter.

You can make an advance reservation from your home country.

All you have to do is select the location(s) on the map. Our registered drivers will take you wherever you need to go!

Do business travel the smart way

A person enjoying a business trip using a business rental car

A simple process

All Benibox's rental car payments are processed via the system. There’s not need to make cash payments to your driver.

Payment details are forwarded by email at the end of the journey.

No need for paper receipts!

Business Rental Car Trip

Please use the search box to find industrial estates.

The price shown here is assuming that the round trip starts and ends at the center of the city within 8 hours.
For the detailed estimate, please press the estimate online button below.

If the destination is not in the list, you can find the destination from the map in the estimate page.

If you have multiple destinations, please enter all the destinations in the estimate page.
The estimate will be updated automatically.

Please get the exact estimate using the below button.

Industrial Estate Sedan Van
304 Industrial Park 1 Prachin Buri 3,450 3,650
304 Industrial Park 2 Chachoengsao 3,300 3,500
Amata City Industrial Estate 3,300 3,500
Amata City Rayong 3,450 3,650
Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate 2,850 3,050
Asia Industrial Estate 2,550 2,750
Bangchan Industrial Estate 2,400 2,600
Bangkadi Industrial park 2,400 2,600
Bangpa-in Industrial Estate 2,700 2,900
Bangplee Industrial Estate 2,250 2,450
Bangpoo Industrial Estate 2,400 2,600
Chon Buri Industrial Estate(Bo Win) 3,300 3,500
Eastern Industrial Estate (Map Ta Phut) 3,750 3,950
Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 3,300 3,500
Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong) 3,450 3,650
G.K.Land Industrial Park 3,450 3,650
Gateway City Idustrial Estate 3,150 3,350
Gemopolis Industrial Estate 2,250 2,450
Hemaraj Chonburi Industrial Estate 3,300 3,500
Hemaraj Eastern Maptaphut 3,750 3,950
Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard 3,300 3,500
Hemaraji Rayong Industrial Land 3,600 3,800
Hi-Tech Industrial Estate 2,700 2,900
Hi-Tech Kabin Industrial Park 3,600 3,800
Khao Yoi Industrial Park 1999-2000 3,150 3,350
Lardkrabang Industrial Estate 2,400 2,600
Leamchabang Industrial Estate 3,300 3,500
Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate 3,750 3,950
Navanakorn Industrial Zone 2,550 2,750
Navanakorn Industrial Zone Nakhon Ratchasima 4,350 4,550
Nong Khae Industrial Estate 3,000 3,200
Pinthong Industrial Estate 3,300 3,500
Ratchaburi Industrial Estate 3,000 3,200
Rayong Industrial Land 3,600 3,800
Rojana Industrial Park (Ayutthaya) 2,850 3,050
Rojana Industrial Park (Rayong) 3,750 3,950
Saha Group Industrial Park 3,750 3,950
Saha Group Industrial Park Sriracha 3,300 3,500
Saha Ratanna Nakorn Industrial Estate 3,000 3,200
Samut Sakhon Industrial Estate 2,550 2,750
Saraburi (Kaengkhoy) Industrial Estate 3,300 3,500
Saraburi Industrial Park 3,300 3,500
Siam Eastern Industrial Park 3,450 3,650
SSP Industrial Park 3,900 4,100
TFD Industrial Estate 2,700 2,900
Thailand Science Park 2,550 2,750
Wellgrow Industrial Estate 2,550 2,750

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